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Why Montessori Now?

An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking: it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to times in which they live.  

- Maria Montessori


We are living in rapidly changing times that require, above all else, the qualities of self-knowledge, creativity, and kindness. For over 100 years, Montessori schools have been cultivating these qualities in their students. Parents today faced with choosing a school for their children are inundated with information about standards, testing, experimentation, technology, the newest new thing--but all this time Montessori schools have patiently, quietly, and effectively been doing the work of teaching children to love to learn. And all the best educational research confirms this work.

At Brush Creek Montessori School, we have been doing this work now for over 40 years.

“There is no longer a predictable roadmap, and in the absence of a roadmap you need a compass,” says educational innovator Max Ventilla, founder of the Montessori-like AltSchools that are receiving the support of Silicon Valley investors. A Montessori education at BCMS provides that compass, but without the flash or experimentation. It teaches kids to be self-directed, work collaboratively, connect their learning to meaningful contexts, and pursue their passions.


These children have free choice all day long. Life is based on choice, so they learn to make their own decisions. They must decide and choose for themselves all the time. They cannot learn through obedience to the commands of another.

- Maria Montessori 


At BCMS, this work takes place in beautiful, cozy, organized environments that bolster both a sense of order and a child’s natural curiosity. Children are allowed to move freely, because Montessori educators know that “children learn best in a dynamic environment full of motion and the manipulation of physical objects. The arts are an integral part of the schoolday.  And students are given ample time outdoors in recess, which “offers crucial opportunities for both positive play and experience in learning how to resolve conflicts.

As parents, you know that your children are going to face challenging, exhilarating times when they become adults. The toddler and primary years are the years in which the capacities they will need to thrive are germinated and born--the capacity to choose creativity over obedience, self-motivation over dependence on rewards, and perhaps most importantly, compassion over competition. We hope you join our community, committed to the whole child, and to education for peace.


In the same way in which we help the patients in a hospital to recover their health and continue to live so we must now help humanity to save itself. We must be nurses in a hospital, as vast as the world itself.

- Maria Montessori


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