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Beautifully serving children from preschool through kindergarten

"I cherish my time at Brush Creek and appreciate how unique the learning experience was. It inspired me to ask questions, invest time in topics that interested me, and develop a passion for knowledge."

"Each classroom has a strong Montessori foundation, encouraging students to work through problems, help others, and be aware of their environment. My daughter has expressed a balance of independence, confidence, and curiosity from her time at Brush Creek Montessori School."

"Montessori education has been a great fit for our family and I have enjoyed watching the girls' independence and self-awareness grow over the 4 years we have been here."

"While there are many choices of schools, very few offer the same kind of loving, academic, and beautiful atmosphere!"

Discover BCMS

Learn about our school, its rich history and why we educate children the way we do.

Cultivate Learning

Find how we utilize our gardens to inspire curiosity and stewardship of the living world.

BCMS During COVID-19

Learn more about how BCMS can serve your family during the pandemic, and how you can support our school!

News & Announcements

Possible Power Shut Off to BCMS this week

October 22, 2019

As many of you have heard, PG&E has issued another notification that they may turn off power to the homes and businesses on the east side of Santa Rosa, near the hills.  This would likely include Rincon Valley, where BCMS is located.  At this time, it looks as though the power shut off may be…

Foundation and Transition: A Parent/Child Perspective on BCMS

March 1, 2019

By Amy Elizabeth Robinson and Vinca Schaefer   Amy is a local poet, writer, and historian, a current BCMS parent, and a former member of the BCMS Board of Directors. Vinca is a recent BCMS alumna, a dancer and thinker who loves learning about health, history, and geography.   This is an edited transcript of…

Building Toward the Future!

February 17, 2017

As we shift from the long cold dark of winter into the wet, warming light of spring, this time of year reminds us of rebirth and new growth….

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