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Amber and Redwood Classrooms, Ages 3 - 6 years

Montessori Primary provides a three-year program of child development. It is individualized because no two children grow in exactly the same way. The classrooms are led by trained “Guides”(Head Teachers) with one or more Assistant teachers.There are five areas within the curriculum:


Work in this area develops concentration, order, coordination, and independence

The sensorial materials enable the Primary child to clarify, classify, and comprehend his/her world.

The child builds the foundation for mathematical concepts through manipulation and experimentation with Montessori mathematics materials.

The child learns language phonetically using concrete materials that include sandpaper letters, object boxes, and moveable alphabets. Reading and writing develop simultaneously as the child "strings sounds" together to make words.

Key concepts for physical and cultural geography are learned with the use of continent puzzle maps which the child traces while hearing the name of the country. Biology, Botany, Zoology and Geology are learned through the classification of cards and manipulation of puzzles designed to interest the child in the study of science.


Typically, the three-year-old gives much attention to the Practical Life and Sensorial areas, gaining skills that later are applied in the learning of Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Subjects. In Montessori, the four- and five-year old experiences a time of rapid, self-directed progress in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

Brush Creek Montessori School has two Primary classrooms--Amber and Redwood. Our program begins with the understanding that children have a natural instinct to learn. The Primary years are known as the time of the absorbent mind, a time of peak receptivity. This receptivity is periodic in nature and is selective as to forms or styles of learning. The Montessori Method is a scientific study of these changes in receptivity, resulting in an exceptionally effective program.

Children in the Primary classes learn through hands-on use of materials, carefully designed for a wide range of needs, interests and abilities. The teacher, as keen observer and guide, directs the child to a material that is right for the individual at that moment in development and gives a lesson on how to use it. The child may use the material again and again until the lesson is fully absorbed, at which time the teacher will introduce the material that comes next. Brush Creek classrooms are fully equipped with materials designed by Maria Montessori for use at each level. Materials are of the highest quality and made according to the guidelines set by the American Montessori Society.

The Primary classrooms are designed for the child. Students may work at child-size tables and chairs or on floor mats. The work is individualized, each child choosing the specific task he/she needs to help explore and define the world. There is also daily work on socialization, when children learn to work in a group, to be considerate of classmates and adults, and to be polite toward each other.


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