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Special Programs

Computer Lab

Technology is a fact of modern life and for the growing person to be successful in our culture, a working foundation in computer science, typing skills, word processing, and online research are essential.  While we do not advocate much (if any) electronic screen time for children under the age of 6, we recognize that by the Elementary years children are able to take a strong foundation in concrete (real) experiences and expand those experiences with their imagination.  Brush Creek Lower Elementary students utilize classroom computers for limited research and typing skills.  

Our Upper Elementary students continue with research and typing skills, and use these skills to produce typewritten reports.  The Upper Elementary students also have dedicated time each week in our Computer Lab. There, with the help of parent volunteer and software engineer Chris Schaefer, they explore computer programming and creative game creation using programs like Scratch.

Students using Computer Lab

Students using Computer Lab


Garden to Table

Inspired by Alice Waters (slow food pioneer, founder of the Edible Schoolyard, and a certified Montessori teacher), BCMS is working towards having the school gardens produce enough food to provide at least one meal for every student per week.  This is no small task, but the rewards of students having direct, personal contact with the growing world is something that Montessori herself championed.  The Primary students learn to care for living things, in the process developing empathy and a sense of accomplishment. The Elementary students in the garden learn about soil analysis, climate, biodiversity, food webs, sustainable agriculture, and countless other areas of study directly related to growing food.  Our flock of cage-free, organic-fed, happy chickens produce beautiful blue-green eggs that are either sold to the BCMS community, or used in delicious recipes that they prepare themselves.  The Elementary garden is thus an extension of the Practical Life exercises the children first encountered at the Primary level.

Elementary student prepares garden bed for planting

Elementary student prepares garden bed for planting


Amazing Athletes

Coach Suzanne is always a welcome sight as she carts her mystery bag of sports equipment up to the Elementary field once per week.  This wonderful physical education program gives the students experience in games such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, track and field, and many more.  Each encounter involves lessons on the human body, nutrition, vocabulary enrichment, and sportsmanship.  We love hosting this wonderful program at BCMS!


After School Programs



Students playing chess during lunch

Still popular after centuries of strategy, Chess Club offers a wonderful opportunity to develop problem-solving, patience, and graciousness.  Students with little to no experience, as well as those with more advanced knowledge of the game are welcome in “Miss Dee”’s class. When Miss Deanna isn’t teaching chess to children, she teaches chess to adult women who want to renew their interest in the game and build their confidence.  $10 per class, 3pm-4pm Tuesdays

For information about Brush Creek’s dynamic arts programs, go to Arts at BCMS.

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