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School Closed Week of 3/16-3/20

Hello BCMS Families,

In consideration of the efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to protect the health and safety of our students, families, and staff, the BCMS Board of Directors,  Administrators, and teaching staff have made the decision to move up our Spring Break to next week, March 16-March 27, rather than the following week as it was originally scheduled.  We took this measure to align our absence from school with the scheduled Spring Break of nearly all Santa Rosa city schools in order to maximize the effect of social distancing in the county.  Santa Rosa public schools are also preparing for a possible extension of their break if community spread of the Corona virus in our larger community continues to warrant these measures.

As you are aware, our staff have been following  recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting, making sure students are frequently washing hands, and keeping children with symptoms of illness out of our environment. We will continue to implement these measures for the remainder of the pandemic and beyond, for the health and safety of students and staff.

During this break, the school will hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean and to disinfect of all of the classrooms and spaces used by the students.


Questions of why we have remained open while other educational institutions have closed have been posed to staff and administration.  Currently, our plan is to follow the guidelines set up by SCOE.  They outline a number of scenarios that may occur and their response to it. If we decide to deviate significantly from this plan, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please feel free to review it here:  .
In the event that the Rincon Valley school district decides to remain closed past their scheduled Spring Break (3/16-3/20), BCMS will very likely follow their example and extend our  scheduled break as well.  We know that any unscheduled break from session is a disruption.  We will work hard to get back to our regular routine as soon as we can.


The elementary teaching staff have been developing projects that can be worked on at home in an effort to keep learning progressing, and we will be sending a separate email to Elementary families if BCMS remains closed for additional time past Spring Break.


We appreciate your continued patience in this stressful time. It reminds me of our challenges related to the wildfires. Please be sure to check in with yourself and your loved ones to ensure you are getting your physical and emotional needs met. Please stay safe and healthy.



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