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Be a part of the community that nurtures and educates your child.

At Brush Creek Montessori School, teachers, parents, Board members, staff, and friends work together to create a community of support for  children as they grow. Our community of parents, especially, is an integral part of the total development of each child, and the ongoing stability and growth of the school.

When you observe a BCMS classroom or school event, you will see children of mixed ages working and playing together, learning from and taking care of one another.  The multi-age nature of our community includes parents, too!

It is our hope and intention that BCMS feel like a “home away from home” for every child who learns here.  When parents are happily engaged, forming friendships with one another and partnering with teachers to build and sustain the school, children feel happy and secure, too.

Montessori parents partner with teachers, Board, and staff by:

  • volunteering to help with community events and fundraisers
  • participating in community workdays and special events
  • attending all conferences and meetings
  • engaging in dialogue with teachers and administrators on behalf of your child
  • asking questions
  • reading emails and school newsletters
  • contributing financially - making sure the school is financially secure, and helping to “pay it forward” to future families and children

For more information about community at BCMS, read our page about Getting Involved.

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